Intuitive and Interactive Geometry

Created to teach, designed to learn

Intuitive and Interactive Geometry

Created to teach, designed to learn
What to learn?

This gallery contains a set of interactive applications that explore elementary concepts of geometry transverse to various levels of teaching. Using dynamic geometry software, we intend to provide intuitive approaches that stimulate enthusiasm for discovery and that, starting from the concrete to reach the abstract, lead to the rigor of learning.

Creative Gallery

The unique aesthetic qualities of geometry and form provide a means of describing and understanding the world and the visual beauty of its structures.

This gallery aims to contribute to the dissemination of the applications of geometry to other areas of knowledge. Relations with art and architecture arise naturally and lead to an association of forms with formulas with great potential from an interactive point of view. But the interactive exploration of themes in the field of science and technology, besides providing an enrichment of knowledge, constitutes a stimulus for the development of activities in school environment.

How to learn?
Where to learn more?


This section is dedicated to activities involving the exploration of geometric concepts. It includes proposals of geometric challenges with suggestions of resolution and the description of experiences in class.


On any topic in mathematics, problem solving is crucial to test the understanding of the associated concepts, as well as the ability to define strategies to achieve the desired results. In this section we propose a variety of challenges with resolution supported by interactive applications that clarify the different stages.


This section is dedicated to the description of experiments carried out in a school environment or in the Geometry Laboratory, related to intuitive and interactive explorations of geometry themes.

How to teach?

Geometry Laboratory

A team dedicated to teaching, a space dedicated to experimentation.

Experimenting with geometry is the central goal of the Geometry Laboratory, a space in the facilities of the Mathematics Department of the Faculty of Sciences equipped with computers and manipulable materials, available for sessions with the school public and for the training of teachers. Participants in the sessions are invited to solve geometric challenges, taking advantage of intuitive and interactive approaches.