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The main goal of the project “Intuitive and Interactive Geometry” is to promote the development of methodologies that seek to establish a better balance between the intuitive and deductive approaches in Geometry teaching. The training actions to be developed under this project aim to stimulate teachers to use computers in mathematics classes, to teach geometry, in a creative and appropriate way to approach each content, trying to meet the difficulties of each student, as well as their interests and motivations.

  • Interactive Spacial Geometry






    Place: Faculty of Sciences of University of Lisbon, room 6.2.40

    In this Short-Term Action, we intend to show how, using GeoGebra’s free software of dynamic geometry, concepts of geometry such as volumes of prisms and ruled surfaces can be studied using an intuitive and interactive approach based on object observation, the discovery of geometric properties and the transformation of figures.
    Participants will have the opportunity to develop interactive applications that promote the resolution of challenges involving different geometric concepts.
    Due to the limitations imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic, there are no current plans for the realization of this session.